Burswood Car Rentals is Offering Car Hire in Perth at

Perth, May 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Perth, Western Australia –

Burswood Car Rentals, a car hire company at Perth, WA, Australia, is happy to announce that they offer some of the most competitive pricing for car rentals in Perth and surrounding areas. Perth is the capital of Western Australia with a vast combination of bars and restaurants, beaches, and

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Giving Feedback When Checking Out Of Hotels…

I just had what I’d describe as disastrous service at an otherwise amazing hotel. To be clear, it’s not that any one specific horrible thing happened, but service was just consistently poor from start to finish, and this is a hotel where you should expect exactly the opposite.

I’ll have a full review soon, but wanted to talk a bit

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Why You Should Consider a AAA Membership, Even If You Don’t

Image for article titled Why You Should Consider a AAA Membership, Even If You Don't Have a Car

Photo: Eric Glenn (Shutterstock)

When you think of the American Automobile Association (AAA)—aka “Triple A”—membership benefits like towing and other roadside assistance services probably come to mind. So if you don’t own your own vehicle, you may assume that the perks of being a AAA member don’t apply to you.

But that’s not necessarily the case. There

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Nearly 100 Children Airlifted From Mountain After Teachers

Dozens of schoolchildren had to be airlifted from a dangerous mountain hiking trail after their teachers bungled the route.

Alpine rescuers scrambled two helicopters and 50 extraction experts to pluck the 99 youngsters from an Austrian mountainside in heavy rain.

Furious officials blamed the adults accompanying the children for misreading advice on the hazardous path.

The trail is, in fact,

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Local hotels completely booked for Cal Poly graduation

It’s Cal Poly graduation weekend and hotels from San Luis Obispo to Morro Bay to Paso Robles are completely booked.

“We have almost every room sold to Poly parents this weekend,” said Lauren Twisselman, Hotel SLO Director of Guest Services.

“Right now we have about 95% occupancy for today. Tomorrow is sold out,” said Ricky Panchal, Morro Shores Inn and

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There’s Still a Rental Car Shortage; Here’s What to Do

In 2019, the last pre-pandemic year, the average rental car in the U.S. cost about $51 per day. This summer, the same car costs about $96 per day.

Those figures come from a recent Bloomberg analysis. There’s nothing unusual about the U.S. rental market, Bloomberg found. In Spain, prices have jumped from $23 pre-pandemic to about $72 today. In the

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COLORADO HIKING: 10 things to know before hiking a 14er

DENVER (KDVR) — June has arrived and that means many hiking enthusiasts will be packing up to head to the mountains to attempt a 14er.

Colorado has 58 mountain peaks that are 14,000 feet or more, otherwise known as ’14ers’.

As you prepare for the 14,000-foot climb, here are some important things to know:

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Who would want to own a hotel now?

One September afternoon in 2020, Vera Manoukian received a call from a recruiter on behalf of a hotel chain making ambitious expansion plans. Would she, the caller inquired, want to be chief operating officer of Sonesta International as it ramped up from just 58 properties to more than 1,100, with upwards of 100,000 rooms?

Manoukian, a 30-year veteran of the

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